ICC CWC 2019 England Schedule PDF, Fixtures,Time Table,Date,Timings and Venues

ICC CWC 2019 England Schedule
ICC CWC 2019 England Schedule

Are you looking for Team England Schedule for Cricket World Cup 2019? In here we assemble CWC 2019 England Schedule alongside Timings and Venues. PDF for CWC 2019 England Fixtures available too.

CWC England Team History

England was the place where cricket was founded. This was the place where cricket was first played and from where it spread to the rest of the world. England spread cricket to the subcontinent and different places where they once ruled. However, it may be quite interesting that the country which literally discovered cricket has not won a single world cup ever. They have been the runner ups thrice! This is the most time a team has been the runner ups. They reached the semi-finals twice. Twice England was knocked out in the quarterfinals and They were knocked out in the Group stages a total of three times. In 2007, They were knocked out in Super 8. These are good performances but doesn’t suit the country which made cricket in the first place. England is the number one team ranked in ODI. They will be quite formidable for every team in the world cup.

ICC CWC 2019 England Team Schedule

The World Cup will be a round robin. This means that Each team will play against each other 9 teams. The teams shall be awarded points based on the results of the match. The teams shall get ranked according to the points and run rate. At the end of the 9 matches of each team, the top 4 teams will qualify to the semi-finals. The 1st team will compare against the 4th team in the semifinals and the 2nd and 3rd team will compete in the semis. The winner of each semi will face off against each other in the finals. England will have 9 matches too. Their first match will take place on 30th May 2019 and the last on 3rd July 2019. These are only the group stage matches. England may play more matches based on whether they can qualify to the playoffs. And for most of the England fans out there, I would like to tell you that the match you are waiting for takes place on 25th June 2019. You are welcome. England will face Australia on 25th June 2019.

CWC 2019 England Fixtures

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Date Match Time Venue
30th May 2019 England vs South Africa 2:30 PM PST Kennington Oval, London
3rd June 2019 England vs Pakistan 2:30 PM PST Trent Bridge, Nottingham
8th June 2019 England vs Bangladesh 2:30 PM PST Sophia Gardens, Cardiff
14th June 2019 England vs West Indies 2:30 PM PST The Rose Bowl, Southampton
18th June 2019 England vs Afghanistan 2:30 PM PST Old Trafford, Manchester
21st June 2019 England vs Sri Lanka 2:30 PM PST Headingley, Leeds
25th June 2019 England vs Australia 2:30 PM PST Lord’s, London
30th June 2019 England vs India 2:30 PM PST Edgbaston, Birmingham
3rd July 2019 England vs New Zealand 2:30 PM PST Riverside Ground, Chester-le-Street

Source: ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Official Website

Team England Venues for World Cup 2019

England will play all of their matches at different venues. This means out of 11 venues in total, they will play in a total of 9 venues. The list of all 9 venues is given below. England will play their first match at Kennington Oval, London. The 2nd match will be at Trent Bridge, Nottingham. They will play their 3rd match at Sophia Gardens, Cardiff. The 4th match at The Rose Bowl, Southampton. The 5th at Old Trafford, Manchester. They will play their 6th match at Headingley, Leeds. The 7th at Lord’s, London. The 8th at Edgbaston, Birmingham. The final match of the group stage of England will be held at Riverside Ground, Chester-le-Street. These are the group stages venues:

  1. Kennington Oval, London
  2. Trent Bridge, Nottingham
  3. Sophia Gardens, Cardiff
  4. The Rose Bowl, Southampton
  5. Old Trafford, Manchester
  6. Headingley, Leeds
  7. Lord’s, London
  8. Edgbaston, Birmingham
  9. Riverside Ground, Chester-le-Street

ICC CWC 2019 England Schedule PDF Download

We understand you urge for a PDF file to download/share/print CWC 2019 Team England Schedule. Hence, we have uploaded the PDF version down below. This CWC 2019 England Schedule PDF Version includes Team Australia’s ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Fixtures alongside Timings, Dates and Venues. Stay tune into the site for much more, including live stream and highlights of the event.

ICC CWC 2019 England Fixtures PDF Download

Feel free to transmit this as per the fair rules policy but make sure to give us credit for our hard work. We hope you would abide by the rules.

ICC CWC 2019 England Cricket Team Reserve Days

Are there reserve days for England matches in CWC 2019? Not really! None of the League games have reserved days. However, if England do qualify for Knockout stage, therez will be Reserve days. Hence, if any of England’s league game is washed out (and there is a strong possibility), then both teams would share one point apiece.

ICC Cricket World Cup Team Schedule, Fixtures, Match Details, Timing and Venues

Separate articles have been uploaded to the site. You can click on links below to get access to individual fixtures for each teams.


The best part is you can even download PDF of filtered schedules. Stay tuned for more on ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.


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