PSL 2019 Live Streaming |Watch PSL 4 Live|Pakistan Super League 2019

PSL 2019 Live Streaming :Its time for PSL 4 and we bring to you PSL Live Streaming. Tune in to know how to Watch PSL free Online.

PSL 2019 Live Streaming |Watch PSL 4 Live|Pakistan Super League 2019

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PSL is set to begin on 14th February 2019. With 34 matches scheduled for the tournament, 8 of these would be played in Pakistan. Hence, the event can prove to be the focal point for return of International Cricket in Pakistan. Well, that’s what Pakistan would hope. With the tournament scheduled for in Dubai, most Pakistanis would also hope for a great live telecast Don’t know where to watch PSL 2019 Online? Stay Tuned To get to know.

PSL 2019 Live

PSL 2019 would be broadcasted across many TV channels in the World. In Pakistan you can watch it on PTV Sports, Geo Super or Ten Sports. In short, all Sports oriented Tv channels would telecast PSL Live. Other than that, you can Watch PSL Online on GTV in Bangladesh, DSports in India and Sky Sports in England. For those who don’t know, GTV is premier TV Network in Banlgadesh, while DSports is an emerging Sport Giant in India. You all know about Sky Sports, don’t you?

-Where to Watch PSL 2019 Live on TV?

There are numerous channels broadcasting PSL 2019 Live in various countries across the Globe. We are going to mention a few channels that telecast PSL on Dish tv.

PSL 2019 TV Channels-PSL 2019 Live Streaming TV

These channels would be broadcasting PSL 4 Live: (We would further detail you about all these later in this article). Do check out these channels and see if your country is included in regions where can you watch PSL 2019 Live.

  1. PTV Sports
  2. PTV Cricket
  3. Ten Sports
  4. Ten CricketPSL 2019 Live TV
  5. DSports
  6. GTV
  7. Geo Super
  8. Dialog TV
  9. Yupp TV
  10. Sky Sports
  11. Channel 792
  12. Prime TV
  13. Willow TV
  14. Flow TV
  15. Supersport
  16. Channel 44
  17. Star Times
  18. Moby
  19. OSN Sports


PTV Sports PSL Live Streaming

PTV Sport’s is premier Sports Channel in Pakistan. Owned by the state, PTV Sports is the extension of the PTV Network. What makes PTV suitable for you to watch PSL? Well, firstly PTV Sports is available for free across the country. Don’t have PTV Sports PSL Live Streamingcable network? PTV Sports is one of the 3 channels that you can tune into with antennae Tv. Speaking of personal opinion, PTV Sport’s broadcast is often a couple of seconds ahead of other TV channels. Quality has often been an issue, but not here because PTV is not producing PSL 2019. It just has the rights to broadcast it. Hence, if I were you, I would watch PSL Live on PTV Sports.

Geo Super PSL Live Streaming

Geo Super prides itself in being Pakistan’s first Sports Channel. Geo Super is the middle ground as far as quality and signal deterioration is concerned. The broadcast quality is extremely high for Pakistani standards and there isn’t much signal Geo Super PSL Live Streaming. The Talk shows are of pretty high quality too but it is beyond the scope of this Post. The question is,’ Is it worthwhile to watch PSL Live on Geo Super”. Yes, I would say unless you have subscribed to Sky Sports.

PTV Cricket PSL Live Streaming

Although, the terms ain’t final as of yet, Information Minister Fawad Ch announced launching of a new TV channel with Cricket as the only focus. With Pakistan being a Cricket obsessed nation, other Sports are neglected wit only one channel out there. PTV Cricket is a necessity that would foster all round development of Sports across the country. By what he announced, the channel should be up and kicking before the end of PSL.

Ten Sports PSL Live Streaming

Dubai based Pakistani version of Sony, Ten Sports can call itself the leader of Cricket transmission in Pakistan. As expected, the quality is out of the World. The problem, however, is that sometimes there is just too much signal attenuation. If you are getting seamless transmission, there may not be a better alternative for Watching PSL Online. The quality ensures that you are watching PSL Live Streaming HD quality.

GTV PSL Live Streaming

For those who don’t know, GTV is Bangladesh’s Premier TV Channel. Well, it is perhaps the only Bangladeshi channel I know of. Well, GTV works the same way PTV used to do before the launch of PTV Sports. Hence, if you are a Bangladeshi and looking to tune in PSL, GTV is the PSL broadcaster in Bangladesh for PSL 2019. The best thing is, GTV often broadcasts its live feed on Youtube so you may like to check PSL 2019 out there.

DSports PSL Live Streaming

Well, who thought an Indian Channel would broadcast PSL Live? DSports is going to be PSL Broadcaster in India 2019. Indian fans who like to watch their favorite batsman play regardless of political instabilities can tune up into DSports for PSL 2019 Live Streaming. That’s the way Cricket should be-pure and free from Politics.

DSports PSL Live Streaming


Dialog TV PSL 2019 Live Streaming

With many Sri Lankan Cricketer’s playing in PSL, Sri Lankan’s are bound to be exhilarated. Plus, many Sri Lankan’s support Pakistan as their secondary team and hence the interest is bound to be high. All the Sri Lankan fans out there can tune into Dialog TV to catch the Live Telecast of PSL. Hence,DTV is our Sri Lankan broadcaster for PSL 2019.

Sony PSL Live Streaming

With its Pakistani version already broadcasting PSL,rumor is in town that Sony may actually broadcast the Sony PSL Live Streamingtournament in India. Why is the rumor aloft? A couple of days back, an Indian Production house bought the rights of producing PSL. Well, the report also says that the production house has produced IPL previously. So, we could only think of Sony or Star Network. Sony looks he likelier one. Indian fans, you may have something to cheer about. Sony is going to broadcast PSL in India. Makes it way easier to watch PSL Live TV, doesn’t it?

Willow TV PSL Live Streaming

This is Europe’s and America’s gateway to PSL. Willow TV would telecast PSL Live. While, mostly advantageous to Americans, even Asians can benefit from the high graphic quality offered by Willow TV. If you are looking to watch PSL 2019 Live and have access to Willow Tv and still choose to watch it on another TV Channel, you are a madman. Plus Paid streaming service is also available and we would surely talk about it later in this article.

Sky Sports PSL Live Streaming

I couldn’t have been happier on typing a Channel’s name but Sky Sports is no ordinary Cricketing network. It is the leading Sport’s Network in the World and it broadcasting PSL 2019 Live would help PSL develop into a global league. Sky Sports is available on Dish TV, hence you can tune in anytime and watch PSL 4 Online. Online subscriptions are also available but may dig a hole in your pocket. All in all, it is for you to decide and not me. If you can afford the subscription, there is no better channel to Watch PSL 2019 Live Streaming.

Sky Sports PSL Live Streaming


Yupp TV PSL 2019 Live Streaming

Viewers in Dubai can tune into Yupp TV for PSL 2019 Live Streaming. Plus, Yupp TV also broadcasts in Northern Africa. Hence, wherever you are in World, you wont miss PSL 2019 Live Streaming.

Flow TV PSL Live Streaming

With a major chunk of West Indians participating in Pakistan Super League, it would have been a debacle if the broadcasts didn’t reach the Caribbean. Flow TV is PSL broadcaster in West Indies.

OSN PSL Live Streaming

OSN is PSL’s door to the middle-east. Thanks to OSN, people in Arabia, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and North America would be able to watch PSL telecast online. Plus, there is a huge chunk of Pakistanis living in these countries and OSN and made a really wise decision. OSN is PSL Broadcaster in Middle-East.

SuperSports Live Streaming

With AB playing in PSL, South Africans would have been really pissed had they missed PSL Live Coverage. Gladly,they wont for SuperSports is PSL broadcaster in South Africa.


People in Afghanistan can always tune into Moby for Live PSL Broadcast for Moby is PSL Broadcaster in Afghanistan.

-Where to Watch PSL Live on PC?

Don’t have access to TV? Can’t miss a single match of PSL? Are’t contend with Live Score? Don’t worry, we bring to you destinations where you can Watch PSL free online.

PSL Live Streaming |PSL 2019 | Free Online PSL Streaming

YES, you read that right! PSL Live Streaming would bring you Live telecast of each PSL game. Plus we are non-profit, hence our stream doesn’t contain Ads. Tune in for PSL streaming as and malware free. The stream would be available a week before PSL begins.

PSL Live Cricket Streaming

Live Cricket Streaming is one of the top sites on the internet to Watch Cricket Online. Live Cricket Streaming would broadcast PSL Live on its Portal. If you are looking for a malware free Live Streaming site, this one is for you. If you are looking to watch PSL Live on PC and not stick to this platform, tune into Live Cricket Streaming.

PSL Live Streaming Crichd

Crichd is a top not portal to Watch Cricket Online. The only problem with the site is that size contains a few ads. You would need to get rid of them if you want to watch PSL Live. Crichd also has a few pop up ads that may not make up for a great user experience. The site has a few channels that will telecast PSL live.

PSL Live Streaming Crictime

If you are looking to watch PSL 2019 Live Streaming Online on a site that has minimal ads, tune into Crictime. The site makes up for a great user experience and has a few channels like PTV Sports, Geo Super, Ten Sports and Willow TV that will telecast PSL Live. No need to say, Crictime would broadcast PSL.

Cricfree PSL Live Streaming

Cricfree Would broadcast PSL Live on its platform. Tune in to watch PSL  Live.

Watch PSL Live on Official Website

You can watch PSL Live Coverage on PSL Official Website. There is no better coverage for PSL and I haven’t been bribed to say that. The only problem is that you need to be using Pakistani IP to use the facility. If you are in Pakistan, their is no better to watch PSL Live Online.

Watch PSL Live on PTV Sports Official Website

Using the Website, you can tune into PTV Sports. As PTV is one of the broadcaster of PSL 2019, you can watch PSL 2019 Live Streaming consequently. The streaming is basically ad free but the quality is bit of a problem. I won’t like to indulge in self praise, but PSL Live Streaming is one of the best sites to watch PSL 2019 Online.

Watch PSL Live on

So basically a back-end for PTV Sports Live Streaming App, you can tune into PSL live Coverage using The streaming is one of the better ones out there and basically ad free.

PSL Live Streaming Watchcric

Watchcric is on of the better sites to watch PSL 2019 Live Streaming. You can tune into Watchcric and watch PSL 2019 Live. The transmission is ad free and the site makes up for a great user experience.

PSL Live Streaming Cricket Gateway

Cricket Gateway has license to broadcast PSL. So while most of these sites are infringing copyright, Cricket Gateway is an exception. While, this site is ad free, you need to spend a few dollars, as many as 10 per month, to watch PSL 2019 Live Streaming. Would you buy Cricket Gateway subscription? Why not use the money for Netflix and watch PSL Live on any free site? Do what I say unless conscience catches up with you!

Mylivecricket PSL 2019 Live Streaming

Are you looking for PSL 2019 Live? Have a really slow internet connection? Well, why don’t you tune into Mylivecricket and watch PSL Live Streaming. Enjoy each moment of PSLt20 live.

MobileCric PSL Live Streaming

This on is for those who don’t have an express Internet Connection Watch PSL 4 Live on Mobilecric, even on PC. Enjoy each game of PSL.

PSL 4 Live Streaming on Webcric

Looking to watch PSL free of Cost? If you have a slow internet and are using a PC, Mobile or Tablet, tune into Webcric. You won’t be disappointed.

PSL 4 Live Streaming

With the 4th season of Pakistan Super League approaching, we bring to you live stream of each match live on PSL Live Streaming. The streaming at this site is ad free and hence you won’t be troubled by malware. We ensure you a great user experience.

PSL Live Youtube- PSL 2019 Live Streaming Youtube

Isn’t youtube the best platform to watch PSL 2019 Live? Well, given the speed of transmission, it sure is. Unfortunately, Pakistan Cricket Board wont broadcast the league live on its Youtube Channel. Infringing streams, though, would be available on youtube from time to time. Youtube, though, isn’t a reliable platform to watch PSL Live. So don’t waste time on youtube, and tune into this very page for Live Streaming.

PSL Live Streaming Youtube

PSL Live Youtube Channel

Pakistan Super League’s Official Youtube Handle is: Pakistan Super League. While great for watching highlights of concluded games, this is of no particular value if you want to catch live action. Who knows, though? Pakistan Cricket Board may telecast its matches live on Youtube to give PSL a global footing.

PSL Live PTV Sports Youtube

Another channel that broadcasts live Coverage on youtube is PTV Sports Official. The state-owned TV Network telecasted the recently concluded New Zealand tour of UAE Live on its Youtube platform. While, the TV network does broadcast almost all test games, it doesn’t broadcast the limited overs one. Why? Because these are higher value games and channel won’t earn a considerable amount broadcasting them. Nothing is as high value as PSL itself so do’t have too high a hopes for watching PSL Live on PTV Sports Youtube.

Pakistan Super League Live Streaming

So we are moving towards the end of this article and here I would like to mention a few terms that people often tend to forget. This part of ” PSL 2019 Live Streaming ” would include each team games and other events that occupy he 2 month long PSL.

PSL Opening Ceremony Live PSL 4 Anthem-Fawad Khan sang Anthem for PSL 2019

Can’t miss Pitbull performing live? Can’t wait to hear Fawad perform the PSL 4 Anthem live in front of a jam packed Dubai Crowd? Well, we can’t fly you to Dubai but we can make sure that you don’t miss the Opening Ceremony. Bookmark this page and stay tuned to the website for PSL 2019 Opening Ceremony Live.

PSL 2019 Draft Live Streaming

Are you excited about PSL? Are you excited about team selections? Well watch your favorite PSL franchise pick up your favorite PSL player here: PSL Draft 2019 Live Streaming. See, we got you covered for each aspect of PSL 2019.


Habib Bank Limited and Pakistan Super League are bound under Sponsorship agreement for 10 years. So the official name is ” HBL PSL Live ” and not ” PSL Live “.

PSL Live Match – Pakistan Super League Live Matches

So what makes the PSL interesting? Opening Ceremony? Closing Ceremony? Celebrities? Matches? Well, the answer is obvious, the matches. We here would broadcast all PSL matches live, including those in UAE and in Pakistan. You can checkout PSL 2019 Schedule here: PSL Schedule. Well the schedule is tough to remember and it is when you can’t remember it that you make such google searches.

  • PSL Live Match Today

  • PSL Live 2019 Today

  • PSL Live Match Streaming

  • PSL Live Match Online

  • PSL Live Match Video

  • PSL Live 2019 Online

We save you the trouble, though. We will broadcast each and every game of PSL 2019 Live Streaming on this very page, so just bookmark this and spare yourself the trouble.

Lahore Qalandars PSL Match Live Streaming

Is Lahore Qalandars your favorite team? Can’t miss Lahore Qalandars play in 2019 PSL? Each game of PSL 2019 featuring Lahore Qalandars would be broadcasted live on our site.

Peshawar Zalmi PSL Match Live Streaming

Can’t wait to see Peshawar take on their arch rivals: Quetta? Well, you came to the right place for you can watch PSL 2019 matches of Peshawar Zalmi on this very page.

Karachi Kings PSL Match Live Streaming

Owing to Social media fan-base and the cost, Karachi has the right to claim to be the most popular franchise of Pakistan Super League. Are you one of those millions of people who can’t afford to miss Karachi game? Well, what about Karachi vs Lahore? We got you covered. Tune in for Karachi Kings PSL Match Live Streaming right here.

Multan Sultans PSL Match Live Streaming

To all Sultans out there, this is your gateway to all Multan Sultans PSL Matches. Make sure to tune up when Multan play. Well, you can also checkout other PSL games too.

Islamabad United PSL Match Live Streaming

Aren’t the defending Champions a delight to watch? Well, nobody grooms raw talent the way Islamabad does! So, if you are looking to checkout the future generation of Pakistan Cricket, make sure to tune up for Islamabad’s Match in our coverage of PSL 2019 Live Streaming.

Quetta Gladiators PSL Match Live Streaming

Led by Sarfaraz Ahmed, Quetta are street smart. Replicating the Perth Scorcher’s way of success Quetta have been really successful over the years. We wish them great luck this year too. As to watch their matches, just bookmark this page and enjoy Live Coverage of PSL.

PSL Playoff Live Streaming

With 6 teams participating in PSL 2019, you can’t predict who would make it to top 4. Well, however does, we can guarantee a cracker of a match. By then, most of infringing channels would have been shut off and hence you may not have many options to watch PSL 2019 Live. We, though, would continue our coverage and bring you PSL Playoff Live Streaming.

PSL Eliminator Live Streaming

Well, the Eliminator is one of the best matches in PSL with both teams trying to stay in the tournament. Catch PSL Eliminator Live Streaming right here.

PSL Final Live Streaming

Aren’t we all waiting for the ultimate showdown? You can tune in here on Sunday, 17th March 2019 for the live coverage of the final.

Where to Watch PSL on Mobile?

There are a numerous portals where you can watch PSL Live Streaming on Mobile. I,though, would like to point out that our stream is compatible with mobile devices and hence you can easily enjoy PSL coverage here. If you aren’t satisfied, here are a few other options:

Goonj App

Goonj is a live streaming platform that provides you numerous Tv channels at your disposal, One of those is PTV Sports. So if you are looking for PSL live streaming on PTV Sports, Goonj App can help you. Plus, it is free and PSL 2019 streaming would be quite efficient. Android users can download it here:

PSL live on Goonj

PTV Sports App

Coming from, PTV Sports app brings you live coverage of PTV Sports. The streaming-when it gets going- is quite efficient to say the least. The app has a few bugs: goes into continuous loop but that can be cleared by clearing app data. Android users can download the app here:

PSL Live PTV Sports

PSL Live on Cricingif

have you heard the name earlier? If you are a regular PSL viewer, you are bound to hear that name every 5 overs. Cricingif is the official broadcaster of PSL online. With the app, not only can you watch PSL live action, but PSL Ball by Ball Highlights as well. That’s a great initiative from Cricingif that needs to be promoted.  Download the App here:

PSL Live on Cricingif


Speculations say that Sonyliv would broadcast PSL 2019 Live. That means you can watch PSL live even on its mobile platform. I,personally, use Sonyliv. Not only is the app efficient but also makes up for a great user experience. So if you don’t trust our platform to offer you PSL 2019 Live Streaming, tune up to Sonyliv. You can download Sonyliv app here:

PSL on Sonyliv


Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed our coverage of PSL 4, bookmark this page and ask your friends to do as well. We will also bring to you IPL Live Streaming, so stay tuned.



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Where to Watch PSL Live on PC?

Pakistan Super League Live Streaming

PSL Opening Ceremony Live 

PSL 2019 Draft Live Streaming

PSL Live Match – Pakistan Super League Live Matches

Where to Watch PSL on Mobile?


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