8 Ways to Watch PSL Live on Mobile |PSL Live on Android and IOS

PSL Live on Mobile : Tune in to Watch PSL Live on your device free full HD. We bring to you an ad-free and buffer-free PSL 4. Watch PSL 2019 Online on Mobile.

8 Ways to Watch PSL Live on Mobile |PSL Live on Android and IOS

Undoubtedly mobiles have taken over the media industry. Gone are the days when people watched Sports on TV. Surely, PCs and Laptops were never the preferred media. Mobiles are not only efficient to Watch Cricket Online but also offer much better service.

PSL is Pakistan’s premier domestic tournament. The star-studded line-ups, the blazing crowds and the raining sixes make the PSL an unmissable treat. While this all is enjoyable in its own right, PSL brings about an opportunity to watch local talent walk tow to toe with International Stars. With most servers dedicated to PC, we bring to you 11 ways you can Watch PSL on Mobile.

Sites to Watch PSL on Mobile

While an App requires downloading, you can just tune in into a site for live Streaming. In here we list a handful of sites that are user friendly for mobiles and don’t contain any sort of malware. Yes, we understand that you are looking for malware free sites to Watch PSL Online. Here they are:

1) PSL Live Streaming

You can Watch PSL Live on Mobile on our platform. All our links are supportive to mobile, ad-free and require minimalist connection. Whether you are using an Android, IOS or your PC, you won’t have any issue. All you need to do is to press the button below and you would be redirected to another post. Just choose your preferred TV network and you are good to go.

PSL 4 Live Streaming
Click on this Button to watch PSL 2019 Live

2) PSL Live Cricket Streaming

If you aren’t content with our coverage, you can tune into Live Cricket Streaming to Watch PSL on your Mobile. The site is ad-free and hence you won’t be spammed with ads. Plus, the coverage is efficient and requires minimal bandwidth. The resolution is often fine and so is the stream speed. Live Cricket Streaming makes up for a great user experience.

Watch Here: PSL Live Cricket Streaming

Apps to Watch PSL Live on Mobile

Well, a few people, including me, believe that apps are often better than sites. Why? Because they are subject to constant monitoring by Play Store. Plus, the review features ensures that you know what you are putting your hand into. As significant as the PSL is,you ought to watch it on the most efficient stream. Below we list a handful of Apps to Watch PSL Live.


3) PTV Sports Live HD

Powered by Rockville Technologies, This app provides PTV Sports on your Mobile Desktop. Just open the app and tune into PTV Sports. With PTV Sports being the PTV Sports PSL Live Streamingbroadcaster of the tournament, you can watch PSL Live on Mobile with utter convenience. While the app is great in its framework, I have often faced cache errors. Whenever, an obsolete game gets going, just go to setting, clear data and you are good to go. Even if you have a really slow Ethernet connection, you won’t face much trouble.

Download Link:

Watch PSL Live on PTV Sports Live


4) PSL Live on Goonj

Goonj has enjoyed relatively quick success and why won’t it? It has a good enough database of TV channels and an efficient telecast system. One of the available channels is PTV Sports. It is no secret that PTV Sports is broadcasting PSL Live and that having been said, you can watch PSL Live on Mobile via the Goonj App. Plus, the app is really light and won’t trouble your device at all. All you need to do is to Download the App and you are good to go here.

Download Link:

Goonj App

5) Cricingif PSL Live Streaming

Its no secret that Cricingif is the official broadcaster of the tournament on its digital platforms. The coverage is out of the World and so is stream quality. Moreover, Cricingif has a mobile portal,it’s app. Just download the App for Ball by Ball Clips of live action.While, Ball by Ball Action may not replicate the full stream, it ain’t too bad either. Plus, you can always checkout the Scorecard as well as the Live Blog. If you are looking for PSL Live on Mobile, there are not many better alternatives than the Cricingif app.

Downlaod Link:

Cricingif App

6) PSL Live on Cricket Gateway

There is surely no better way to Watch PSL Live TV than on Cricket Gateway. The streams are efficient, official/legal and user friendly. Well, why isn’t on top spot in our rankings? Well, there is a contingency. The streams require a subscription. You need to pay to watch PSL Live. Fair enough? Well, why don’t just get yourself a much cheaper cable connection? Regardless, Cricket Gateway has a Mobile portal.

Download Link:

Cricket Gateway App

7) PSL Live Youtube

We all will agree that there is no better portal to Watch a video stream than youtube. The site is just out of the World and undoubtedly the Best site to Watch PSL. There is a contingency, however. PSL is surrounded by Copyright restrictions. Those having the rights don’t want to telecast the Match on a free portal like youtube. illegal streams always emerge at one point or the other. So, while the source ain’t consistent for PSL coverage, always keep tuned in. Who knows when you are in luck! You can keep a check in here:

PSL Live Streaming Youtube 


8) Jazz Cricket

Jazz Cricket is really light and has all the ingredients of a Good Cricket application. You can download the app to get access to Live PSL coverage, Score and even highlights. The app is efficient too and comes from reliable sources and hence is unquestionably free from malware.

Download Link:

PSL Live on JAZZ Cricket


Note: All these Apps and sites are listed on private experience. We, by no means, attempt to maneuver your thoughts. Watch PSL the way you deem fit. Plus, we ain’t responsible for anything these sites/apps post.

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