PSL Tickets | How to Buy PSL Tickets | Cost of PSL Tickets

Are you looking for PSL Tickets? Don’t know how to buy PSL Tickets or what do PSL Tickets cost? Tune in for complete guide on PSL Match Tickets for 2019.

PSL Tickets | How to Buy PSL Tickets | Cost of PSL Tickets:

PSL is coming up and everyone is excited about where to get the tickets of Pakistan Super League 2019 edition. If you are one of those men, you have come to the right place. We will tell you all about where to get the tickets and how to get them and the prices of these tickets. PCB has already announced the ticketing venue. There are to be 13 matches played in Sharjah. Abu Dhabi will host its first Pakistan Super League matches this year. PSL

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What is the price of PSL Tickets for Sharjah Cricket Stadium?

The PSL 2019 will have thirteen matches in Sharjah. Many of you would like to know the prices for the tickets. The north stand tickets cost 20 AED which converts to approximately 760 PKR. The tickets of the East stand is 30 AED. This roughly converts to 1140 PKR. The West Stand tickets have a price of 65 AED. This approximates to 2470 Pakistani Rupee. The tickets for the Members Enclosure is of 100 AED. This is approximately 3800 Pakistani Rupee.

PSL Tickets


PSL Final Tickets

The tickets for the Pakistan Super League Final has not been announced and will be updated as soon as they are announced. However the prices of the tickets are available. The prices will vary from 1000 to 12000. Ticket Prices are as follows:

General Enclosure PSL Tickets :

These are the cheapest tickets in the stadium. The prices for these tickets is 1000 rupees for Intikhab Alam, Nasimul Ghani, Iqbal Qasim, Mohd. Brothers, Wasim Bari Stands. These are the names for the stands.

First Class PSL Tickets :

It is the third most expensive tickets for Pakistan Super League. The tickets are for the Majid Khan, Waqar Hasan and Asif Iqbal Stands. The price for the tickets is 4000 rupees

Premium Class PSL Tickets :

Premium Class is the second most expensive tickets for the finals in Pakistan Super League. The price is Rs. 8,000 for Zaheer Abbas, Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, Quaid, Special Children Stands.

VIP Class PSL Tickets :

VIP tickets are the most expensive tickets in Pakistan Super League. These tickets will cost 12000 Pakistani Rupee. That is quite an expensive ticket but that is the price. The stands are Azal Mahmood, Javed Miandad, Hanif Mohammad Stands HBL Pakistan Super League Tickets will be available at different retail outlets in Karachi, which will be announced soon.

The sales for the Pakistan Super League final tickets for Karachi are expected to open on March 15.

How to Buy PSL Tickets Online?

The tickets can be purchased from various sites. If you want to find these sites, you are at the right place. If you want to buy tickets for the UAE matches, you can visit However if you want to buy tickets for matches in Pakistan, you can visit If you are trying to buy VIP box, super hospitality and corporate box tickets, please visit

PSL 2019 Tickets for Dubai:

Dubai will host most of the matches in Pakistan Super League. It will host 18 out of 34 matches in Pakistan Super League. They will host the matches in two segments. One from 22nd February to 26th February and the second from 6th March to 11th March. This also includes the first playoff. The outlets from which the tickets of Dubai are available are given below:

  • Hawwasm Mobile – Dubai

  • Hotline Telecom Aswaq – Dubai

  • Live World Electronics – Dubai

  • Hotline Century Mall – Dubai

  • Telefono – Dubai

  •  RPM Telecom – Dubai
  •  Dawar Al Yash Mobile Phone Trading – Ajman
  •  Al Ghurair International Exchange – All branches
  •  Barbeque Delight – 4 Branches
  •  Wadi Nada, Mirdiff Mall – Dubai
  •  Wadi Nada, Al Warqa – Dubai
  • Wadi Nada Aswaq – Dubai

How to buy PSL Tickets Online

PSL Tickets for Sharjah:

Sharjah will host 13 out of 34 matches and that too in two segments. The first segment will drag from 26th February to 6th March. The second segment will start on 13th March and end on 16th March. Sharjah will be hosting the conclusion part of the league stage of PSL.

  • Karachi Darbar (Samnan)
  • Karachi Darbar (Al Wahda)
  • Delhi Nihari Restaurant – Clock Tower
  • Delhi Nihari Restaurant – Al Nahda
  • AJ Sports Sharjah
  • Sharjah Cricket Stadium
  • Wakha Restaurant – Barsha 01, Al Nahda Branch TCS
  • Al Kaleem Mobiles & Computers – Sharjah
  • Cadeau Farah Mobile Trading – Sharjah
  • Dawar Al Yash Mobile Phone Trading – Ajman
  • Loulouat Al Khaleej Mobiles – Sharjah

PSL Lahore Tickets for the eliminator and play-off:

There will be one eliminator and one playoff in Lahore. One Eliminator and one final will be held in Karachi. Karachi will hold its first match of PSL and Lahore successfully held 2 matches last season. You can buy the tickets from As the tournament progresses, new ticketing counter will be disclosed and we will share that accordingly.

Price of PSL Tickets

PSL Tickets Price:

There are four stands and all have different prices. The price of Sharjah, lahore and Karachi will be disclosed later. We shall update those later. As of now, Sharjah has its prices disclosed.

Tickets price for Sharjah (Weekday Single Match):

North Stand prices are 20 AED. This is around 600 Pakistani Rupee. The price for the East Stand is 40 AED. This is almost 1200 Pakistani Rupee. The price for the West Stand is 70 AED. This equals to 2100 PKR. Members enclosure has the price of 150 United Arab Emirates Dhiram. This equals to 4500 Pakistani Rupee.

Tickets price for Sharjah (Weekend Single Match):

North Stand has the price of 30 AED. This equals to 900 PKR. The price for the East stand is 50 AED. 50 AED equals to almost 1500 Pakistani Rupee. West stand has the price of 90 United Arab Emirates Dhiram. This equals to 2700 Pakistani Rupee. Members Enclosure costs for 180 AED. This equals to 5400 Pakistani Rupee.

Tickets price for Sharjah (Weekend Double Match):

The price for North Stand will equal 40 AED. This equals 1200 Pakistani Rupee. The price for the East Stand is 60 AED. This equals to 1800 Pakistani Rupee. The price for West stand is a total of 100 AED. This equals 3000 Pakistani Rupee. Members enclosure costs 200 United Arab Emirates Dhiram. This will equal to 6000 Pakistani Rupee.

Last year, Pakistan Super League’s tickets were sold between 500 to 12000 rupees. Furthermore another thing to mention is that the tickets can be purchased on the spot as well. However it should be better to purchase and book the tickets beforehand to ensure you have a seat for the finals.

PSL Tickets for Abu Dhabi

PSL Tickets for Lahore

How to Buy PSL Tickets Online?


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